Inductus Research: WHS challenges in Local Government

The research and development (R&D) proposal for Inductus, the occupational workplace health and safety (WHS) mobile application, will engage with the NSW Government sector over three months, April through June 2014.

The rationale of the research is to understand how technology can improve productivity and WHS for local government. The Inductus research impacts 164 local governments in NSW, each with WHS, human resource and training staff.

This research incorporates digital media, communication and technology expertise to understand and develop the information and communication technologies within the local government sector.

The research is expected to create a publically funded open access WHS portal. Users will be able to contribute and access highly specific WHS information. Simultaneous development of the current Inductus platform will also provide an impetus to lower insurance premiums and decrease WHS incidents in the workplace.

The research invites the key stakeholder groups to develop the project through an iterative four-stage process.

10 min survey